Anna Ewers & Keke Lindgard by Ellen von Unwerth for Numéro China #29, May 2013


It’s Friday afternoon, and we know where your head’s at. Mentally checked out of work, your mind begins to wander towards the excitement of the weekend - hanging with friends, fun weekend projects, and, most likely, a bit of brew to lubricate the cogs of the weekend’s activities. That’s why it only seemed natural that “Dark Lager" by Axel Schindler should be this week’s Free Tee Friday!
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untitled by celia gómez de villavedón on Flickr.

Tattoos done by Aivaras Lee.

instagram : @rdtattoofilip
I would give my left nut, and gladly shuv it down my urethra to own this car. The paint job is sick and the pirate flag on the antenna just looks fucking rad. 
I think it’s official, I’m turning into a hipster. But really, it was pretty fun building this bike from scratch. Now it’s time to see how fast this thing can go.

 Kid Kros